Long Board TV - Season 2 (2004)

NR 4 hours  46 minutes Surfing
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Complete Season 13 Episodes

Season 2 (13 Episodes)


Episode 17

In this edition of Long Board TV's, we salute the various aspects of this lifestyle that have universally helped make surfers a unique and envious subculture.

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Episode 18

In this edition of Long Board TV we take a look at Dodger Kremmel, John Severson, Skip Frye and surfing's influence on the Cote de Basque.

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Episode 19

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a look at the Biarritz Surf Festival in France, Huntington Beach, talk to upstart Christian Wach and surfing legend Herbie Fletcher.

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Episode 20

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a survey of the sport of surfing, including profiles on stars past and present.

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Episode 21

Take a look at activities that define surfing over the years by covering the 5th Annual Robert August Surf and Turf, examining Hobie Alter, and profiling Kekoa Uemura.

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Episode 22

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a look at the many challenges that face surfers, whether it be nature, themselves, or other adventurers.

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Episode 23

We take a look at the retro movement sweeping through surfing's mainstream, visit one of the sport's most historic spots and profile an American ex-pat down in Australia.

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Episode 24

We profile Santa Cruz's Tanner Beckett, scope the Coors Light Toes on the Nose Championships and catch up with a crew of longboarders who traveled to Indo to find perfect, empty waves.

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Episode 25

We pay tribute to renowned photographer Jim Russi, take a look at the 11th Annual Longboard Invitational and Luau, and investigate the Superbank on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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Episode 26

With a profile of So Cal surfer/artist Tyler Warren, a spot check on Santa Cruz and a look at Jeff Hakman, we cut a broad swath through surf culture on this episode of Long Board TV.

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Episode 27

We investigate Noosa, Australia's perfect point waves, the Surf ...

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Episode 28

In this episode, we roll through the best of Long Board TV revisiting in-depth profiles as well as tagging along on a surf adventure into the Canadian wilderness.

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Episode 29

We take a look at legendary surf artist Rick Griffin, world champion-turned-musician Beau Young, competitor and shaper Jye Byrnes and the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach.

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Season Details

Synopsis Complete 2nd Season of Long Board TV (13 Episodes)
Genres Longboarding
Director Ira Opper
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 4 hours  46 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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