FiNS - Episode 6 (2006)

NR 21 minutes Surfing
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We take a look at Timmy Reyes, the San Clemente Gudauskus trio of brothers, surfer/artist Jalian, and finally the newest big wave discovery in California.

Tim Reyes, CJ Hobgood, Greg Huglin

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Episodes from FiNS - Season 1


Episode 1

We take a look at Sydney's urban surf culture through the eyes of surfer/artist/musician Oscar Wright and follow him through the machinations of his daily life.

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Episode 2

We travel through Santa Cruz, talking with Jason "Ratboy" Collins and Peter Garaway, as well as local photographer Patrick Trefz and shaper Bill "Stretch" Reidel.

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Episode 3

We begin with pro surfer Alex Gray. Next, meet the founders of Stab Magazine. Finally, we check in with Josh Hoyer, who views surfing as a job, and little else.

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Episode 4

We take a look at some of the sport's leading personalities, including seven-time world champion Kelly Slater, photographer Tom Servais and shaper Nev Hyman.

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Episode 5

We offer a diverse look at surf culture with artist/surfer Chris Del Moro and two women at the top of the world surfing stage: Sofia Mulanovich and Chelsea Georgeson.

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Episode 6

We take a look at Timmy Reyes, the San Clemente Gudauskus trio of brothers, surfer/artist Jalian, and finally the newest big wave discovery in California.

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Episode 7

We profile 13 year-old Hawaiian phenom John John Florence, an adventure paddleboarding trip to Canada, Jack Johnson and a surf session to Lower Trestles in So Cal.

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Episode 8

We pay a visit to filmmaker/photographer Greg Huglin, profile Central California's trio of surf brothers the Malloys, and explore a surf session in tsunami-ravaged Indo.

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Episode 9

We pay a visit to brothers Bruce and Andy Irons giving us a glimpse of their lives. Also, we profile legendary photographer Jeff Divine.

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Episode 10

We look at one of surfing's newest trends in stand-up surfing, profile surfer/artist/designer Jalian, and tag along for a North Shore session with Hurley's finest young surfers.

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Episode 11

We examine the art and lifestyle photographer/entrepreneur Aaron Chang, profile the Hobgood twins, and review one of surfing's most iconic sessions.

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Episode 12

Vibrant surf scenes have sprouted, drawing both visiting surfers and crews of locals in this episode of FiNS.

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Episode 13

We look at some of the sport's most unique characters--surfers with passion and personality in abundance, happy to be in the water everyday who've found diverse ways to focus their energy on riding...

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Episode Details

Synopsis Though the sport of surfing has gone global, there are locations around the world where the pastime is more than just something to do, it's a way of life. Certainly California is such a place, one of surfing's ancestral homes. In this episode of FiNS, we take a look at the many faces of California surf culture, from Timmy Reyes, California's next world title contender, to the Gudauskus brothers, a trio of surfers from San Clemente, to surfer/artist Jalian, whose unique clothing is gaining him worldwide acclaim. Plus, we take a look at the newest big wave discovery in California.
Genres Shortboarding
Athletes Tim Reyes, CJ Hobgood, Greg Huglin, Flea, Mark Healey, Garret Mcnamara, Barney, Chuck Patterson, Carlos Burle, Don Curry, Kealii Mamala, Jalian, Mark Arico, Al Merrick, Chris Del Moro, Patrick Gadauskas, Dane Gadauskas, Tanner Gadauskas, Nancy Gadauskas, Tom Gadauskas, Corey Lopez
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 21 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 852x480
Download Resolution SD | 852x480
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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