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Getting started using Vaporvue on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Using Vaporvue on an iPhone is easy. You can browse and watch Vaporvue using your iPhone's Safari browser. Simply point the Safari web browser to to get started!

If you want a more tablet friendly interface you can use a touch optimized version of Vaporvue by going to on your iPhone.

We plan on releasing a native iPad app that will be downloadable from the Apple App Store later this year.

Sign Up for Vaporvue

You can browse the extensive library of extreme sports videos Vaporvue without signing up, but you will need to sign up before you can watch all our videos.

To sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Select Membership Plan
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Create a password
  6. Enter a payment method
  7. Agree to Terms of Use

Find videos you want to watch

On the Vaporvue home page, you can browse for videos or search using the search bar in the header to find what your are looking for.


Once you've selected the video you wish to watch, select Watch Now. The video will load and instantly start playing. Use the playback controls in the video player to seek, pause, enter and exit fullscreen modes.

Supported Devices

Apple iPhone running iOS 6 or higher using the Safari browser