The Standard Snowboard Show - Season 3 - Johon Olofsson (2006)

NR 22 minutes Snowboarding
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Johon Olofsson could be the best snowboarder ever to ride the big mountains, and you will have to see this episode to believe it.

Johan Olofsson

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Episodes from The Standard Snowboard Show - Season 3


Oh Canada

Victoria Jealouse, Brian Savard, Shin Campos and more of the best snowboarders in Canada discuss what they like about riding and living in the great white North and expose some of the best places to...

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For the first time ever Jeremy Jones, Jonas Emery and Jonaven Moore travel to Russia with Standard Films. This trip pioneers throughout Russia and reveals some of the best places to go ride in the...

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Frederik Kalbermatten

Visit Frederik Kalbermatten at home in Saas Fe, Switzerland. Known for his graceful air style and fluidity, Freddi delivers the most inspiring snowboarding across the globe.

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David Benedek

Check out the German freestyle snowboard sensation David Benedek. David talks about his early days riding in contests and on rails, along with filming parts with Standard Films and Robot Food.

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Louie Fountain

Straight out of the Idaho panhandle, Louie Fountain snowboards rails, park and backcountry kickers with ease.

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Time Machine

Take a step back in time and get the story from the pro riders who molded the sport and witnessed the evolution of freestyle snowboarding in Lake Tahoe.

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Burton Hemsedal

This episode compiles some of the best footage shot over the years at the Burton Hemsedal sessions in Norway along with the world record for the biggest park jump by Mads Jonsson.

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Lake Tahoe

Go back to the early days of snowboarding in Lake Tahoe: Grass Valley and the opening of Squaw Valley. See the origins of snowboarding and the conflicts that evolve from taking over the mountain.

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Johon Olofsson

Johon Olofsson could be the best snowboarder ever to ride the big mountains, and you will have to see this episode to believe it.

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The Snowboard

Go back to the evolution of snowboarding, when snowboards had metal fins and bindings only worked every so often. Visit with the first free ride legends of snowboarding, Shawn Farmer and Nick Perata.

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The Jackson Brothers

Standard Films captures the ever-progressing freestyle skills of Eric and John Jackson.

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Visit with the best snowboarders from Finland and follow their travels around the globe.

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Visit with the founders of Standard Films, Mike and Dave Hatchett, and hear how it all began over a decade ago, snowboarding in the mountains on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.

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Episode Details

Synopsis Visit with one of the most influential, fluid, high-speed, technical big mountain riders of all time, Johan Olofsson. Johan talks about his introduction to the sport of snowboarding at age eleven, competitions, traveling, riding influences and snowboarding the biggest mountains. Travel to Valdez and witness some of the best snowboarding ever caught on film in Alaska as Johan sets the standard to what big mountain snowboarding is today.
Athletes Johan Olofsson
Studio Standard Films
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Download Resolution SD | 640x480
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