Firsthand - James Pribram (2009)

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Pro surfer James Pribram travels to the Great Lakes and Peru to fight threats to local surf breaks, including pollution and overdevelopment.

James Pribram

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Megan Abubo

Top ranked female surfer, Megan Abubo takes us to Fiji where she competes against the best in the Roxy Fiji Pro.

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Lisa Andersen

Get inside the life and story of world champion surfer Lisa Anderson.

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Beau Young

Son of longboard legend Nat Young, Beau Young gives a tour of his life as a pro and musician in Byron Bay Australia. ...

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Peter Mel

Pro surfer Peter Mel tours Santa Cruz's secret spots, bounces to HI for The Eddie, and competes in the Mavericks big wave contest.

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Colin McPhillips

3 time world longboard champ Colin McPhillips takes on a surf tour of New Zealands east coast and to the dunes of Glamis, CA.

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Tamayo Perry

Surfer Tamayo Perry takes us to Tahiti where he surfs one of the world's heaviest breaks known as Teahupoo.

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James Pribram

Pro surfer James Pribram travels to the Great Lakes and Peru to fight threats to local surf breaks, including pollution and overdevelopment.

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Damien Hobgood

Representing half of the wonder-twin duo, Damien Hobgood heads to two of the most spectacular surfing destinations in the world in this unforgettable episode of Firsthand.

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Alex Gray

Follow California pro surfer, Alex Gray, as he spends time at home, then travels to secret spots in central California and Mainland Mexico.

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Episode Details

Synopsis Years ago, professional surfer James Pribram had a memorable surf session near his home. The result was his being rushed to the hospital with a staph infection - contracted from heavily polluted ocean waters. It was during this moment of epiphany that James’ priorities shifted.

James became the Eco Warrior. One part surfer and one part environmentalist, James is on a life long mission to save surf breaks across the globe.

On this episode of Firsthand, join James Pribram as he travels to the unexpected location of the Great Lakes. James takes a good look at the threat to this surf scene – pollution. He delves into the issue and meets with several locals, including marine biologist Matt Cooper, to discuss the level of dangerous pollution in the lakes. Also, James’ well-timed trip allows for a few days of action packed wind swell surfing.

James travels next to Peru, where surf break threats are of a different kind. Overdevelopment and newly constructed harbors are killing breaks near Lima. James visits surf breaks that once existed; then he goes to breaks where harbors are scheduled to be built soon. Again, James hooks up with the locals to find out what they’re doing to fight this development scene in hopes of saving the waves.

Genres Biographical
Athletes James Pribram
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Running Time 22 minutes
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