Firsthand - Best of Snow 2 (2010)

NR 3 hours  18 minutes Snowboarding
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Firsthand brings you up close and personal with the daily lives of today's top action sports athletes.

Alexis Waite, Hana Beaman, Mason Aguirre

Season 2 (9 Episodes)


Marc Frank Montoya

Mark Frank Montoya's Firsthand is an exclusive look at how one of the most prolific snowboarders of our time went from the streets to the snow.

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Mason Aguirre

Join pro snowboarder Mason Aguirre as he travels to New Zealand to train toward a spot on the US Olympic Superpipe team.

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Travis Parker

Travel with professional snowboarder Travis Parker to Argentina where he must push through the unruly weather to get his rides in.

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Dave Downing

Follow snowboarding icon Dave Downing as he hops from powder riding in Japan to surfing in Mexico with Damien Hobgood to riding the Sierra back country in Lake Tahoe.

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Alexis Waite

Join Professional Snowboarder Alexis Waite, as she jumps from a photo shoot in New York over to the 3rd annual Roxy Chicken Jam in Switzerland before heading to Park City Utah for some end of season...

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Hana Beaman

Transworld Snowboarding's 2006 Rider of the Year, Hana Beaman, takes us across the Pacific to Japan's Nippon Open and then back to the peaks of Lake Tahoe, CA for the Vans Cup at Northstar.

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Scotty Lago

Join 19 year old pro snowboarder Scotty Lago as he teaches new riders to snowboard in Japan before competing in the Grand Prix contest in Idaho.

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Kevin Pearce

Join 2007 Arctic Challenge winner Kevin Pearce as he competes in Vermont at the Burton US Open of Snowboarding before setting off on Burton's "Get Off On The Bus Tour" across California, Utah, and...

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Jeremy Jones

Get an inside look at the family life of big mountain snowboard legend Jeremy Jones before heading to an unexplored region of Alaskan back country to ride some of the largest mountains on the planet.

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Season Details

Synopsis Firsthand brings you up close and personal with the daily lives of today's top action sports athletes.
Athletes Alexis Waite, Hana Beaman, Mason Aguirre, Marc Frank Montoya, Kevin Pearce, Jack Mitrani, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Jeremy Jones, Scotty Lago, Dave Downing, Damien Hobgood, Travis Parker
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 3 hours  18 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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