Ski Legends (2019)

NR HD 25 minutes Skiing
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A trio of Alpine Skiers over the age of 80 are featured in this 25 minute Documentary Short Film.

Charlie Bunce, Owen Owens, Grace Oaks

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Synopsis Ski Legends showcases the vigor of three elderly Alpine skiers in their respective North American ski communities. The grace of the trio and the joy they express as they recall tales of their alpine achievements makes for uplifting viewing, in an inspirational portrait of how skiing forges a connection between people and mountain that transcends age.
Genres Skiing Documentaries
Athletes Charlie Bunce, Owen Owens, Grace Oaks
Director Lois Neu
Writer Lois Neu
Studio Orange Lily Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 25 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution HD | 1920x1080
Download Resolution SD | 960x540 (338.34 MB) and HD | 1280x720 (799.11 MB)
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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