The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo - Season 2 (2009)

NR 2 hours  34 minutes Snowboarding
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Complete second season of The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo, 7 episodes.

Season 2 (7 Episodes)


Street Cred

Danny and Dingo meet Rob Dyrdek in Hollywood in search of Street credit. Then they head to San Diego for a trade show and their first premiere of The Boned Age.

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Shoving Off

Danny and Dingo promote The Boned Age in Santa Monica, hire a Playboy Playmate for an assistant, and pick up skaters David Gravette, Devon Appelo, Tom Tom, and Clyde Singleton.

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Pitching A Tent

En route to Reno, Danny and Dingo go camping in Utah and pick up skaters Silent Mike and Willis, plus Greanade riders Lucas Magoon and Louie Vito. ...

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Skate And Destroy

After a long night, Dingo decides to go to the hospital, and the crew faces crisis when the RV starts to have major problems.

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Freak Out

Willis clashes with a bouncer at the Denver premiere before the crew sets off for Cedar Point where they celebrate Danny's birthday. Also, Playboy Playmate Heather gets the boot. ...

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Dirty Jersey

The crew surfs with Shane Pospisil in New Jersey, and Danny has a ping-pong tourny with his dad. Also, Grenade rider Scotty Lago is picked up and brought back to the Kass household.

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Fed Up With Goon

The crew heads to Cleveland, and Goon's annoying antics earn repercussions.

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Season Details

Synopsis Complete second season of The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo, 7 episodes.

The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo enters its second season with seven new episodes on Fuel TV. Take a look into pro snowboard riders' and skateboarders' lives, following two-time Olympic medalist and snow icon Danny Kass and zero time Olympic medalist and snow personality The Dingo.

Danny and The Dingo's Grenade team is striking back from the stale conformity that has plagued the snowboard industry for far too long and is set to break into the world of skateboarding. Come see if these unlikely characters can accomplish their mission to premiere Grenade's latest team snowboard video and at the same time to build a skate team.

Travel cross country with Danny and The Dingo as they pick up the certifiably insane Lucas Magoon, a Playboy Playmate assistant, and a slew of pro skateboarders including David Gravette, Devon Appelo, Tom Tom, Willis Kimbel, and Clyde Singleton. This year's Adventures return straight back to a state of chaos, including a destroyed RV, run-ins with the law, and a lot of hurt feelings and bruised egos. But none of this prevents the boys from having the time of their lives.
Genres Snowboarding
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 2 hours  34 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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