Moving Violation (2003)

NR 41 minutes Motorsports
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Follow the exploits of two world famous motorcycle stuntmen, Todd "Big T" Colbert and Derrick "D-Mann Daigle, as they perform the most outrageous acrobatic moves ever seen on two wheels.

Todd Colbert, Derrick Daigle

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Synopsis Catch all the excitement as Todd "Big T" Colbert and Errick "D-Mann" Daigle tear up the country Street Extreme Style. Follow the trail of destruction from Todd's home state of Florida where you'll see the first ever Shost Ride, a stunt where D-Mann leave his bike completely, hops a ride on Todd's handle bars and then gets back on his bike! Sometimes it works... Watch the terrible twosome take over a small town in Georgia, only to run into the Duluth Police Department one too many times (not good). Finally they work their way out west to Las Vegas, Nevada where they hook up with some friends, Jermaine Holt, Jason Britton, and Ofer Nurkin (you know that spells trouble. Warning: some funny pocket bike riding may not be suitable for all audiences. Sit back, relax, and let these professional motorcycle stuntmen take care of the Moving Violations for a change!
Genres Sportbike, Custom Bike
Athletes Todd Colbert, Derrick Daigle
Director Todd Colbert
Studio 180 Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 41 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Download Resolution SD | 640x480
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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