M80 - Season 2 - Best of Season 2 (2006)

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A look back at highlights from M80's second season.

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Episodes from M80 - Season 2


Cowboy Kenny Bartram

Check out a day in the life of M80's featured rider Kenny Bartram, along with highlights from this year's Ride to the Hills contest and up and comer Nikki Danielson.

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Travis Pastrana

M80 goes to Annapolis, MD to see what the wonder boy Travis Pastrana is up to and to catch a sneak peak of his new film Nitro Circus 3.

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Dan Pastor

Check out M80's featured rider Dan Pastor, along with Jeremy Lusk blowin' up and Red Bull's X-Fighters contest in Mexico City.

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Mike Metzger

Check out M80's featured rider, the Godfather of FMX himself, Mike Metzger. Witness some serious "blowin' up" style with Japanese madman Takayuki Higashino "blowin' up" and look at the Reno crew.

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Chuck Carothers

Check out M80's features rider Chuck Carothers, along with the making of Travis Pastrana's bar spin bike and Todd Potter blowin' up.

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Myles Richmond

Check out M80's featured rider Myles Richmond, along with team "Riders for Christ," Deegan's backyard, and John Distler blowin' up.

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Nate Adams

Check out M80's featured rider Nate Adams, along with Travis Hart "blowin' up" and an update on Doug Parson's FMX invention -- the wall ride.

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Jeremy Carter

Check out M80's featured rider, Jeremy Carter, along with Kyle Loza 'blowin up' and a look at Jay Schweitzer's new flick "On The Pipe 2."...

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Seth Enslow

Our featured rider, Seth Enslow, discusses some of his craziest hits. Head to Japan to meet up and comer Lance Coury and then take a look at the kings of combo tricks.

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Doug Parsons

Check out M80's featured rider, Doug Parsons, along with Julian Dusseau "blowin up" and a look at Bubba's new flick "Bubba's Flying 50's Freak Circus."...

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Jim Mcneil

Check out M80's featured rider, Jim McNeil, along with the "Hill Kids," Jack Kraus, Steven Montgomery, Ty Frank, and Chase Trabucco, Blowin Up. Then take a trip to Cliff Tally's new contest at The...

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Mike Mason

Check out M80's featured rider, Mike Mason, as he invades Europe, along with Greg Hartman "Blowin Up," and a look at Ben Milot's new flick, "Invasion."...

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Best of Season 2

A look back at highlights from M80's second season.

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Episode Details

Synopsis Best of the year! Token Hotties Neill and Erin look back at each of this season's featured riders. We also check the gnarliest FMX innovations, random stupidity, and natural terrain riding that M80 filmed throughout the season.
Genres Motocross, Dirtbike, Freestyle Motocross
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Download Resolution SD | 640x480
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